The Realm of the Ring
May 10, 2000

Helm's Deep Action
Jonny Grindlay

Today (the 9th) I went down to the carpark at the bottom Helm's Deep set to see if I could catch a glimpse of filming. There were a few guys raking a large dirt and sand ramp and setting up little tussock grass plants. Then suddenly about 20 horsemen poured down the ramp at the front was a white horse and I spotted a glimpse of gold in the rush. This part in the story I think is:

"His horse was white as snow, golden was his shield, and his spear was long. At his right hand was Aragorn, Elendil's heir, behind him rode the lords of the House of Eorl the Young. Light sprang in the sky. Night departed.'Forth Eorlings!' With a cry and a great noise they charged. Down from the gates they roared, over the causeway they swept, and they drove through the hosts of Isengard as a wind among grass"

The action was over in few seconds but by what I saw that scene will be great in the movie.