The LOTR Movie Site
May 15, 2000

Back and Ready For Some Major Updating
Matthew Bass

Hello fellow Tolkien fans. I'm back from my week-long excursion. I had a great time visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. My family also stopped by Austin, Texas and then we flew to Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a great trip, but it looks like a lot happened while I was gone.

As you've probably noticed, I've posted a slew of new articles. Some new pics are also available (check the What's New page). I'll be adding more later tonight and tomorrow as time permits. I'm still unpacking my junk.

To give a quick synopsis of the news:

New official LOTR pics were released recently: MORE
Ethan Hawke may not be out as Faramir as previously thought: MORE
New movie set may be going up near Mt. Potts: MORE

The rest of the news is available on our home page or on the Words page.