The Realm of the Ring
May 16, 2000

New Set Location
Jonny Grindlay

Today (the 13th) I discovered a new LOTR film set in a industrial property in Naenae (Wellington). It has a large cliff wall that is made of rock (fake) and with shrubs growing up the side. All that is really visible. Most the set is not visible because there are large black curtain things hanging down from scaffolding around most the set.It appears to maybe still under contruction but there was a camera tower so they may be filming.

Over towards the very side there was pieces of what I think was the Rivendell set under tarpaulines and some out in the open. There are also about 30 caravan/campervans parked next to the set. The whole property is surrounded by a barbed wire fence about 2-3 metres high.

Also, you wanted to know where Mt. Potts is? It is in South Canterbury, Christchurch of the South Island.