The Realm of the Ring
May 19, 2000

Movie Ratings
Jonny Grindlay

Here's quite a major scoop regarding the ratings of the LOTR trilogy. I recieved this info from a reliable source that some of the movies e.g Two Towers that have the major battle scenes could be looking at a R16+ rating (the equivalent of an R rating in the United States) because of the gore. But don't worry if you're younger that that because there will also be a less gory edit of the movie at a much lower age rating (a PG-13 most likely). This may turn out to be incorrect but I thought you might like to know anyway.

Note: Peter Jackson has stated that he is shooting for a PG-13 rating for all three films. However, in the past he has been known to try for a 13 for a certain film, then end up getting an R, so the news that TTT may get an R rating could very well come to pass. It's a pity if it does. -- MATTHEW