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May 27, 2000

Info on Interplay's LOTR Games
Ron Prichard

The first one came out for DOS in 1990, it was called the "Lord of the Rings: Volume One." The second one, "The Two Towers," came out in 1992. The third was planned, but never released. The games have clips and sounds from Bakshi's so called LOTR.

Check out the following links:

Those are general information pages, here are the (official?) pages.

And here's a walkthrough of the game to give you a general idea of it.

Those are all the sites worth looking into. Here is what the back of the box says for the first volume:

Interplays newest role-player tackles the Tolkien trilogy with top-flight graphics, sound, and a new play system that should make adventureing in middle earth more realistic than ever before.

Interplay Productions presents the first role-playing computer game encompassing the epic fantsy world of J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth. Players journey through a world inhabbited by  hobbits, elves, dwarves and wizards, falling inand out of the clutches of wolves, wargs, trolls, orcs and ghosts, all the while protecting the one true ring from falling into the grasp of the evil Sauron and his Dark Riders. 

I'll send you a scan of the front and back of both boxes as soon as I get my scanner working.

If your going to buy this game, don't hesitate. I have Windows 98 and it runs in that.  DO NOT BUY THE FLOPPY DISK VERSION OF THESE GAMES!!!!! They lock up, graphics are terrible and are almost completely different games, get the cd-rom version, it has the cartoons, voices, sound effects, graphics, better play, you know, just overall better. Avoid the floppy disk version.