Elemental Films
Press Release

The LOTR Movie Site
June 16, 2000

Ancanar.com to Showcase 'Elemental' Films
Matthew Bass

If you've been visiting us for the last few months you've probably already heard about a small film company in California called Elemental Films. Believe it or not, they are currently working on a short Lord of the Rings film.

According to Sam Balcomb, my contact at Elemental, the film is to focus on the relationship between Aragorn and Arwen. Weather this is in the best interests of Tolkiendom is a subject best left for the message board.

In any case, a small press release that was delivered to me by Curugon, Elemental's media spokesperson, is to your left.

According to their most recent release, Ancanar.com (the studio's new site) is now live and offers a downloadable preview of one of Elemental Films' upcoming movies called Ancanar (not a LOTR preview, sorry).

Will this "alternative" film present a problem for Jackson? Doubtful. Will it insult the hard-core Tolkien community? To be seen. Will it present an interesting side-story to Jackson's continuing production? Definitely.