June 18, 2000

More Robyn Malcolm Info
Michael Martinez

I sent this to Beren earlier but am seeing interest in Robyn Malcolm all over the place, so I thought you all would be interested, too.

First of all, I've posted two articles about her:



The first article provides more extensive background info on Robyn than I'vefound on any of the Tolkien Web sites. No, we're not close personal friends, I just decided to go out and dig up as much info as I could. :)

The second article directly addresses Beren's concerns about where the
character of Morwen comes from. He's been told (probably incorrectly, though the information provided is in itself correct) that the character was named for Turin's mother (Morwen Eledhwen). I believe she is named for Morwen of Lossarnach, Theoden's mother. The second article explains why.

And if you haven't downloaded the "Ancanar" trailer yet, DO SO! It's a good preview to what Elemental Films has in mind. And I want to see how many of you can capture those images of the maps, the Elf ear, and more (all that is beyond my technical resources). :)


Tolkien fans will LOVE this film.