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June 23, 2000

Galadriel and Barrow Wight Figures

Just thought it was worth mentioning that Middle Earth Toys is getting ready to release the Galadriel and Barrowight firgures which will be followed by Legolas and Aragorn. After that there are plans to realease Samwise, the Mouth of Sauron, and eventually a Treebeard figure. For anyone who hasn't been following this they have already released figures for Bilbo, Gandalf, Ugluck, the Balrog, Gimli, Gollum, and the Lord of the Nazgul.

For more info check out www.middleearthtoys.com for the figures that have already come out, or www.toyvault.com/newsupdate.html for news and updates on these and other ToyVault figures.

Hope I could be of some help, cant wait for these movies to come out!