July 8, 2000

'Rings' Reality
Cinescape Reporter

With so much massive backstory to work with, it's no surprise that the Lord of the Rings films boast some of the most meticulous attention to details yet seen in a fantasy film. Jackson and his crew seem hell-bent on nailing every specific detail of the production, from the inscriptions on character costumes to every single link in the chain mail armor.

"I saw the armor section, which is just one great big warehouse," actor Brad Dourif explained during his Dragon Con panel last weekend. "All they're doing in this great big warehouse is designing and building armor. There's a guy who's been there for three-and-a-half years, and they only started shooting a month ago, but his entire job is putting little chain mail links together. That's what he's been doing."

"When I'm on the set for the Lord of the Rings and I'm just about to do a take, I close my eyes, and I open them. Suddenly, there's just all this incredible detail in front of me," added actor Karl Urban. "It's really hard not to be carried away; it's really hard not to believe it. I think one of the things Peter is so meticulous about is the reality of what he's trying to do, the human side and the interaction between the characters. It's not a cartoon he's making."