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The Compleat Sean Bean
July 12, 2000

Sean Bean's 'Essex Boys' Gala Screening
Winona Kent

I'm sure there will be more press on this later, but here's a story from the Press Association (UK) about the gala screening of Essex Boys, Sean Bean's latest feature film, in the UK. Sean did attend the screening, and stopped to sign autographs and answer questions from the press.

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Monday July 10, 10:16 PM

Being an Essex boy wasn't easy, says Bean

Yorkshire lad Sean Bean has talked about the
difficulties of turning himself into an Essex boy for
his latest film.

The Sheffield-born actor said the Essex accent was one
of the hardest he had been asked to master during his
film career.

Bean was speaking after arriving more than 30 minutes
late for the start of the gala preview of the film,
called Essex Boys, in Southend, Essex.

"I've done a lot of accents before, but I think this
was perhaps the most difficult," said Bean, who was
held up in traffic while travelling from London.

"Some of the inflections and so on were tricky. It
required a lot of hard work and research.

"But I've lived in this part of the world for about 20
years or so now and it was really just a matter of
putting the time in to it. Fortunately I've got a good
voice coach and I'm pretty pleased with the result."

The film, co-written by director Terry Winsor and
producer Jeff Pope, is the story of a group of Essex
gangsters fighting to gain control of the drugs
trade and nightclub security contracts.

It was inspired by the real life murders of three
gangsters at Rettendon, Essex, about 15 miles from

Bean defended the content of the film, which is
released later this week, and said it did not glorify

Actor Jude Law, and his actress wife Sadie Frost, plus
actors Ray Winstone and Bill Murray were among
celebrities attending the preview at the Odeon

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I have scans of the press coverage of the Gala Screening of Sean Bean's latest film, Essex Boys (Screening took place 10 July 2000 in Southend, Essex). They're all online at my website at the URL's below. The scan to your upper-left is a picture of Sean signing autographs at the Gala Screening from the Evening Echo, 11 July 2000.

Evening Echo 11 July 2000 (Town gets gangster glitz!)

Or if you want to see the jpg versions of the same article (with photos), here:

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