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July 18, 2000

Horse on Lake Atlanta Pic
Kor S.

I saw this on www.tolkien-movies news page: "Jonny has spotted what appears to be a horse in the most recent official pic released from the official German LOTR movie site."

I went to look at the picture, and what I saw was not a horse, but a Hobbit in front of a human. I opened the original pic in Photoshop, and scaled this part at 200%, adjusted brightness, contrast and gamma to get the clearest picture possible, and it appears that there is no horse at all.

What seems to be the horse head is actually a shadowed part of a rock. But the Hobbit is clearely visible. By the look of his hair, I would say its Frodo, but I dont know who is just behind him.

For sure it is not a Hobbit or a Dwarf from his size, and it doesn't look like Gandalf. I think it's either Aragorn, Boromir or Legolas. Comparing with what I can see in the preview, and in various pics of the actors, I would say its probably Aragorn.

If anyone else has any ideas about what certain things are in this mysterious photo, please feel free to send your comments to me. -- MATTHEW