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Olog-hai Statue

El Seor de los Anillos
July 21, 2000

It's Not a Troll, It's an Olog-hai

Warning! This text was translated from Spanish to English using a machine translator. Please pardon any spelling or grammatical errors.

The Galadriel super-spy, with who I have maintained one laaaarge and wonderful conversation by chat, me has confirmed it. Like always: if you want to know something, in "elfengmeno" you we confirmed it.

Although it does not speak Spanish, from I want here to give thousands and one thanks to my new friend, this wonderful super-spy Galadriel. After speaking with her I can assure to you that she is an excellent person, and I hope not to break away from the enemy with her. And I swear to you that it does not have anything to do with the film. It is pleasant to really know people thus.

Updated: I have received some messages asking to me what is a Olog-hai. The truth is that it is spoken little of them in ESDLA, but you have everything here what appears of them in books. At the end of the chapter of " the Black Door It is opened ", Tolkien us describes them thus:

"More stops and corpulentos than the men, did not wear to another clothes that a fitted mesh of corneous grudges, or perhaps sto outside the repulsive natural skin of the creatures; they brandished enormous, round and black shields, and the knotted hands grasped esados hammers. They jumped to marshes without being afraid and they overcame them, howling and mugiendo while they approached [... ] these creatures they had the custom to bite in the neck to the won ones ".

Pippin Poor man! To think that a monster of those dimensions is going to fall to it him raises... And in the appendices we have this detailed description more (free translation):

"But at the end of the Third Age a race of trolls that had not been seen before made its appearance in the south of Mirkwood and surrounding mountains to Mordor. Olog-Hai was called in the Black Language. Anybody doubt that Sauron raised them, although is not known as they were really his roots. Some maintain the theory that they were not Trolls, but Orcos giant; but the Olog-hai was in form and mind different from greatest from between those from Orca race, to those who size and force exceeded in. They were Trolls, but filled with the badness of its master: a race lost, strong, agile, fierce and astute, but more duros than the stone. On the contrary that those of their preceding race, could support the light of the sun, whenever that outside desire of Sauron. They spoke little, and the only language that knew was the Black Language of Barad-Dr ".