Movie Insider
July 25, 2000

Comic Con Footage Report For 'Lord of the Rings'
Staff Reporter

Here is a report by a fan who attended Comic Con on the footage screened for the upcoming first entry in the Lord Of Rings Trilogy.

"What was shown was a mixture of stuff that we’ve seen in the Internet Preview (and who hasn’t watched that 1453 times?), the infamous ShoWest trailer, plus a sprinkling of new stuff thrown in. It took me a while to get in position to see the action being shown since we were all coming in from backstage. The first glimpse I caught was the Orcs coming into the picture that we’ve seen in the Internet Trailer (IT). Some new stuff that I noticed was Aragorn fighting between some pillars, I’m not sure if it was from Helm’ s Deep or not. But the set design for it looked amazing for the 4 seconds we had a shot of it for. More mixed in scenes from the IT, the Nazgul closing in on the Hobbits and Elijah’s hand opening up to reveal the Ring.

We got some shots of warriors battling each other and the roar of thousands of soldiers marching over large plains. We got some good close-ups of Legolas looking intently at something during the Battle of Helm ’s Deep and Gimli without his helmet. I noticed also that an orc (Uruk-hai?) had a sword with a curved tip, much like a hook that he threw towards someone). There was a scene with the Fellowship at night with some of them holding up torches, I assume this is going to be the Wolf Attack portrayed in Fellowship of the Ring; because there was a creepy wolf howl just at the end of the scene."