The Realm of the Ring
July 28, 2000

New Photos of Wingate, Helm's Deep
Staff Reporter

Our wonderful photographers have come up with some truly stunning work this time. As you might have heard, there is a new Lord of the Rings set in Wingate, but up until now there have been no detailed photos of the area.

Behold the first clear pic of the Wingate set, brought to you by the folks at The Realm of the Ring. We're thinking it's a prop for Isengard or Mordor.

Next on the list, a photo of the general layout of the Dry Creek Quarry and the Helm's Deep set from a new location across the highway (left). Also, a photo showing the current status of the set itself, which is being torn down (right).

Hopefully, more photos of this caliber will be coming soon. Webmasters, please do not post these pics on your sites. Link to them at The Realm of the Ring.