August 4, 2000

I Have Found a Great Tolkien Band
Michael Martinez

Those of you who check Xenite.Org or are on our Middle-earth mailing list may already have seen this, but I thought I'd plug the group directly to the other Tolkien webmasters anyway.

I was browsing news headlines, actually just killing time, and I saw one about "Lothlorien". "Well, there might be some Tolkien-related content there," I thought, so I clicked on it. The news article was from the New Zealand Herald Online, and they were profiling New Zealand artists who are popular on MP3.Com.

Now, I don't know if this group has been brought up by any of the rest of you, but I heartily endorse them to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Celtic music. They are great, and their fans know it.


The song "She moved through the fair" blew me away. I was instantly reminded of "In the arms of the Angel" from "City of Angels", as well as a popular Celtic song from XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS that was done a couple of years ago. (This is a traditional Celtic tune, not an original song.)

You can read the New Zealand Herald article here:



I think this band would be ideal for doing the song for the end credits. Which is not to say I don't like Glass Hammer still, I do, but I think Peter Jackson would really love this group, especially since they're already in New Zealand.