Compleat S. Bean
Bean at Essex Gala

The Compleat Sean Bean
August 9, 2000

Color Coded LOTR Scripts & Sean Bean
Winona Kent

In a very recent feature article in the Times (UK), Sean Bean was quoted as saying he had several LOTR scripts that he was working from, and that they were colour coded according to each film. There has been some speculation as to whether this was just a misinterpretation on the part of the journalist doing the interview, or whether Sean (as Boromir) was actually appearing in more than one of the films.

I wrote to Gordon Paddison, who is the New Line contact for all of the LOTR webbos, and this is his explanation:


perhaps the reference was to the fact that each script has multiple
colored pages which include the updates. as a film is shot there are
'updates' by the writers that come and for each 'revision' there will be
a different color. that way when the production needs to refer to
pulling script pages to replace with the next revision, they will refer
to color instead of pages 8(a)revision(1). it is just easier.


Also, one of Sean Bean's fans (Jo Cousins) was standing outside the cinema in
Southend on July 10th when Sean attended the Gala Screening of his latest
film, Essex Boys. Jo was also lucky enough to appear in the film as one of
the locally-hired extras.

Jo got a great picture of Sean as he was signing autographs. Since this pic
was taken during the recent short break in LOTR filming, Sean still has his
"Boromir" beard. The pic is to the upper-left.