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August 10, 2000

Guard Scare Reports Are Unfounded
Matthew Bass

An informant that wishes to stay anonymous has told us that the LOTR set in Upper Hutt was being hounded by media people all day, but the guard scare reports from The Evening Post are completely unfounded.

Our informant was talking to a guard when someone else walked up and was talking really aggresively to the guard. According to this source, the guard was very courteous and certainly did not get violent.

It looks like the Post and some spies are just getting irritated at the amount of security around sets. They must have cooked up this story about aggresive guards for revenge. It sounds far out, but our informant is very reliable.

On another note, construction of the Minas Tirith set in the Dry Creek Quarry has begun. We're looking for people who live in the area and are willing to stop by and get some photos for us. If you're interested, e-mail us.