August 18, 2000

News From Decipher

A high ranking official from Decipher.com, the company who recently got the rights to LOTR Games, has just mailed the staff here at Theonering.net. And heres what he had to say on a few issues:

Decipher will be primarily using pulls from the 3 films (also the Hobbit movie if one is ever produced.) As for all of the other printed materials (Lost Tales, Silmarillion, etc.) Decipher will be relying upon it's state-ofthe-art CGI department to produce these images.

We began to use the technology in places throughout both the Star Trek and Star Wars card games to define characters/ships/etc. that hadn't been caught on film.

Now, this fall, we will be releasing Jedi Knights. Somewhere between the complexity of Young Jedi and Star Wars CCG, Jedi Knights will be a set fully realized using CGI technology. Every scene, every set and every character will be rendered and re-discovered in an entirely new lightusing these tools.

Hopefully, by the time the LOTR's movie and game are released, you won'tbe able to tell if the card was from the film, an out-take or our own creation!