Herr Der Ringe Film
August 21, 2000

Closeburn Set Isn't Edoras

A few days ago you (your site) published a short news that the scoop-pictures of the Closeburn set show the golden hall of king Theoden in Edoras (a spy talked with the security guard).

But this can NOT be true! I have to detail:

This weekend I (http://www.herr-der-ringe-film.de) arranged a Tolkien-Feast at a castle and also invited a representative of the German distributer KINOWELT. This representative showed us (the fans) 10 to 12 minutes new exclusiv lotr-footage (including some older scened also shown at the comic-con) and ... we saw a short scene at the Closeburn set!!! The mountaintop fortress guarded by an eagle statue was surrounded by dense forest and a large group of men (Most of them had long black hair, we only saw them from behind) were running toward this building through the underwoods with drawn weapons.

I have no idea what we saw there, but I am really shure itīs not the golden hall in Edoras!

You will find first photos of the feast here: http://lords.rogerisland.de/Rittermahl.html