The Compleat Sean Bean
August 24, 2000

Sean Bean Television Film in the U.K.
Winona Kent

Sean's film Windprints will be showing on Channel 4 in the UK at 3.10am on Thursday 31 Aug (ie - very late on Wednesday night/very early Thursday morning).

This film is an interesting study of apartheid in South Africa during the 1980's:

Set in a time when apartheid was still in effect and Namibia was still a colony of South Africa, Windprints is the story of news cameraman Anton Van Heerden, who is trying to find the truth about Nhadiep, a black fugitive who is killing members of his own tribe. Anton travels to Namibia and meets up with veteran journalist, Charles Rutherford. The two newsmen try and track down the true story of Nhadiep and, with the help of the black photojournalist, Pieterse, they find the trail leads to local farmer and land owner Henning, who is buying up vacant farms very cheaply.

Sean plays cameraman Anton Van Heerden. Charles Rutherford is played by British actor John Hurt. Windprints is based on real-life experiences of David Wicht, who wrote, directed and produced the film. The film was made in 1990, which is fairly early in Sean's career, and prints of it are rather hard to find, either commercially or shown on television - so this is a rare viewing opportunity.