The Evening Post
October 24, 2000

Gandalf Peddles T-shirt Online
Staff Reporter

You've seen Sir Ian McKellen in The Lord Of The Rings Internet trailer, in newspapers and magazines and on radio and TV. Now you can get the T-shirt.

The British actor, who plays the wizard Gandalf in the multimillion-dollar film production, is selling T-shirts on the Internet of himself sporting a long beard and wearing a wizard's hat.

The T-shirts cost $US19.95 ($NZ51) and also feature Sir Ian's website address on the back.

Sir Ian doesn't claim that the T-shirts are merchandise from Peter Jackson's production, on which filming is due to be completed by the end of the year.

But it is so far one of the few chances for fans to buy something connected to the three films.

To date, the only official merchandise is a signed letter from Jackson which is included with copies of J R R Tolkien's book, and a number of film crew jackets which were auctioned off on the Internet.

Sir Ian is also selling T-shirts featuring him as super villain Magneto from the film X-Men and a caricature of William Shakespeare.