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November 2, 2000

Arwen a Member of the Fellowship After All?

While looking at that LOTR poster which i downloaded from the internet a couple of days ago, i noticed something strange. I was naming the persons, which  was pretty easy, except for the one to the right of Sam. In my opinion that should be Boromir. But it just doesn't look like him, does it! Obviously that person is carrying some large round item. With some imagination, that could be shield, but honestly, i don't think that's it. Normally, a shield would be worn flat on your back or maybe in your hands. If this is Boromir, i wonder why he doesn't carry a weapon! You can clearly see Aragorn's, Gimli's and Legolas' weapon, so why
doesn't he carry his?? And why does it look like his wearing a skirt? None of the other men wear skirts. I don't think Tolkien ever mentioned a skirt ( I admit i'm not an expert, though). Doesn't his body look pretty small and skinny compared to Legolas or Gandalf? All this leads me to the conclusion that this might very well be Arwen replacing Boromir in the fellowship. I know that Jackson said Arwen wouldn't join them, but this picture seems to prove the opposite. alright, i'll leave it up to you guys what you make out of it!