The Evening Post
November 9, 2000

NZSO Negotiating to Become 'Rings' Orc-estra
Staff Reporter

When elves and hobbits battle evil orcs on the big screen in December next year the sound of rousing trumpets and violins on the soundtrack may well have been made by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra musicians.

The NZSO has confirmed that it will record some music next April that might be included in director Peter Jackson's multimillion-dollar The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Chief executive Ian Fraser said it was still too early to know how much, if any, of the orchestra's performance would be used in the three films. The music is to be recorded in Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre.

He said The Lord Of The Rings' producers were also negotiating with a major European-based orchestra.

"It's possible also that even if another orchestra appeared on episode one, it could still be the NZSO on episodes two and three. Negotiations seem fairly open."

No decision had yet been made on who would conduct the orchestra next April, but Mr Fraser it could be The Lord Of The Rings' Canadian composer, Howard Shore. Mr Shore's music for films has included Silence Of The Lambs, Dead Ringers, Philadelphia, Crash and High Fidelity, currently screening in Wellington.

Mr Fraser said the NZSO had been negotiating with the films' producers for the past year and had met Mr Shore about a month ago.

"He's an impressive guy. Absolutely amazing. They (the producers) have taken a look over our recording set-up and pronounced themselves happy with that."