Ain't It Cool News
November 14, 2000

Rings Footage Screening in Australia
Harry Knowles

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, here is a fella that is luckier than you or me (unless you happen to be working on LOTR or are an exec at New Line), because he's seen 20 minutes of footage from LORD OF THE RINGS that we really really really want to see. Now there is a problem with the below description by Wide Mouthed Frog... First... he doesn't really know the story for LORD OF THE RINGS, sort of like those folks that kinda know STAR WARS.... They know the names of Darth Vader and Yoda... but refer to Harrison Ford as Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness as that. Now on the up side, he isn't chained by the emotional baggage of having the books in his head while looking at the footage.... yet he still loves what he saw! This is very important towards the success of these films. Will non-LOTR fans GET it? From this report... ummmm... yeah, I think they will. ALSO, he has an oh so slight nitpick with the English accents on Sam and Frodo, but says it is acceptable.... It should be noted that anything other than an american accent would, at first, see slightly odd coming out of Elijah or Astin's mouths... but it is something we get used to over the course of the film... As even this guy accepted it. Alright, now sit back and enjoy this report... You are about to get real excited...