Tolkien Online
November 16, 2000

A Second Impression of the LOTR Preview

I have just returned from the preview of LOTR preview. I am very happy and relieved to say the quality and potential of the film footage shown has exceeded my expectations. The Sydney footage was shown 2 days ago in Sydney and I was fortunate to be invited to the Melbourne event. The invitation included a small pouch with a ring attached to a leather strap. This was worn around the neck and was your entry ticket ( it grew heavier every time a black rider appeared!). The cinema chosen to screen this event was small , boutique and private. The foyer featured large illustrations and shots from the movie and I was quite excited. We settled down to listen to an interesting overview of the history and objectives of the film by a Newline and Distributor representative. They explained that we would see shots of movie 1 with a shot at the end from movie 2 (Helms Deep)and were lucky to see it etc,etc. The opening shot of Galdalf in his wagon meeting Frodo was great.

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