The New Zealand Herald
November 17, 2000

Lord Over the Web
Staff Reporter

We asked Erica Challis — aka Tehanu — of the to nominate the best The Lord of the Rings websites.

* Us, of course!

* The Lord of the Rings Movie Site —

* Imladris —

* Suite 101 — has been around a long time and is very comprehensive for serious and fun stuff for the fans.

There are also a few sites that are excellent but have a different focus:

* The Tolkienist — has articles, games, music, everything Tolkien.

* The Tolkien Network — does too.

* The Encyclopaedia of Arda — can answer any Tolkien-related question.

* MyPrecious — is wonderfully individual and stylish, with music.

* Ardalambion — wins on sheer intensity of obsession. This site is for people who actually want to learn to read and write imaginary languages like Elvish. It consistently rates highly in other sites’ top-10 lists.

There are also two good movie news sites based in NZ:

* The Realm of the Ring –, run by a teenager in Wellington

* Tol Galen — http://tolgalen.eq


Editor's Note: I would also add Ringbearer ( and Tolkien Online ( to the list.