The Southland Times
November 21, 2000

Resort Wants Part of Rings Premier
Meaghan Miller

An announcement this week by the Embassy Theatre Trust that the New Zealand premiere of the first of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies would be screened in Wellington was premature, publicist Claire Raskind said.

"It is absolutely not confirmed where the premiere will be held, it's way too early," Ms Raskind said.

It would be wonderful for the movie to premiere in Wellington – Jackson's home town and the movie's key studio location – but no consideration was being given to such matters while shooting continued, Ms Raskind said.

Filming was expected to end next month.

One thing that could be counted on was that the 2001 release would be a "global cinematic event," she said.

"New Zealand will very much be in the loop for all planned events ... of course Wellington is a strong contender," Ms Raskind said.

Queenstown, one of the South Island filming bases, also wanted in the loop.

"We would love to have a special Queenstown screening," Queenstown Lakes District Film Office spokeswoman Shirleyann Evans said.

Ms Evans planned to make an approach, in the near future.

"I am sure that (Queenstown screening) is something than can be discussed," Ms Raskind said.