Dark Horizons
November 27, 2000

Miscellaneous News
Staff Reporter

Lord of the Rings: New Zealand paper The Dominion reports that a sneak behind the scenes preview of the animation of "Lord of the Rings" is happening in Wellington next weekend. The city is one of 30 worldwide to host a 3D graphic roadshow on December 3rd, though its the lucky one to have a guest speaker from Peter Jackson's graphics company Weta Digital who "will talk about some of the steps involved in making computer animation for the LOTR and share a glimpse of what it is like behind the scenes". To get inside and hopefully see a very brief glimpse at some LOTR conceptual footage, you can register and find out more info here. Thanks to 'Paul'.

Editor's Note: If anybody manages to get in to see this footage, we'd love a report! Feel free to send your news to this e-mail address. Thanks!

Lord of the Rings (Scoop #2): Remember a while ago there was talk of the different members of the cast having different accents? Well Company of the Ring scored an e-mail from two folks who claim to be the 'Dialect and Creative Language Coaches' on the trilogy and here's what they had to say (basically confirming the old rumours): "Arwen and Galadriel - as with all the High Elves, these two characters have the ability to communicate in any language according to whom they are speaking. American or not American? - NOT! Bilbo and Frodo will speak their dialogue using "Received Pronunciation" (or RP as it is commonly known) which is a non-regional accent of Standard English. The actor playing Pippin will not be heard on-screen using his native Glasgow accent. Merry and Sam will speak with an accent from South West England without any other influences. No character will sound as if they come from a city in the modern world. We would like the fans to be of good heart: we work to a detailed rationale for the accents and where the pronunciation of the languages; names of people, places and things are concerned we adhere strictly to Peter Jackson's vision and Tolkien's work."