The New Zealand Herald
December 5, 2000

Who Made a Difference?
Staff Reporter

Votes are already pouring into the Herald for your choice of the Man and Woman of the Year.

The Herald will name the choice of the people who have made the biggest impact on our lives in 2000.

They don't have to be the heroes of the year. Maybe the people who have meant most to us have been the villains, the losers, the near-misses ...

Some obvious candidates include politicians Helen Clark, Jenny Shipley, Tariana Turia, Women's Refuge head Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, Olympic hero Rob Waddell, David Tua, health chief David Clarke and Nobel Prize winner Alan MacDiarmid.

Or will it be Sarah Ulmer, the plucky cyclist who, despite suffering an injury, still came so achingly close to a medal at the Sydney Olympics.

Or try these suggestions:


* Peter Jackson: He is making the biggest film ever to hit these shores, not to mention the most expensive film project in the world.

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We will update the nominations and voting over the next month.