The LOTR Movie Site
December 24, 2000

Trailer Date Confirmed
Matthew Bass

Sources on our message board, as well as at Cinescape, have confirmed that a trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring will be attached to the New Line flick 13 Days, which will be released on January 12th, 2001.

Accordingly, New Line will be revamping their web site to make the trailer available on the Internet. Now the only question is when the online version will be available. If it's not up by the 12th, I may just drop by the theatre and sneak into a showing of 13 Days ... just to see the trailer. Of course, I'll leave afterwards. It's not that I think 13 Days will be a bad film, it's just that crap comes in many shapes and forms and I'd rather not risk getting it on me.

Anyway, whichever way you choose to watch the trailer, please be sure to stop by our message board and discuss it with our regulars after the 12th. After New Line's recent string of box office bombs, this trailer should make things better. I mean, seriously ... how much worse can it possibly get? Cheers.