December 27, 2000

Escape From Middle Earth: I Was There
Richard Woodd

It was a helluva party thrown by Peter Jackson in Wellington on Friday December 22, to celebrate the end of 15 months filming for the $NZ650million Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

You had to have a ticket to get in. One per person, no exceptions. And I was there, one face among a cast of thousands! It was the most unexpected thing. My old mate and future Ringstyle business partner Jim McIntosh, was sent a ticket. "Trouble is, I can't use it," he groaned. "Kay and I are off to England and Turkey for our Christmas hols that day. If you want it, you can have it."

I was very tempted to flog it off because the newspapers reckoned people were paying up to $NZ1500 for a ticket. Then I thought no, this is an historic party and the word around was that it was costing New Line Cinema $100,000. I decided I'd get my photo taken with Peter Jackson and put it on the Ringstyle website.

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