The Compleat Sean Bean
December 29, 2000

Sean Bean on Television Worldwide
Winona Kent

United States

Ronin (check times locally)

      Tue Dec 26  02:00A   SHOE- Showtime
      Thu  Jan 11  10:45P   TMCE- The Movie Channel
      Fri  Jan 19  06:55P   TMCE- The Movie Channel
      Wed  Jan 24  09:10A   TMCE- The Movie Channel
      Thu  Jan 25  03:00A   TMCE- The Movie Channel
      Sun  Jan 28  01:35P   TMCE- The Movie Channel

The True Bride (check times locally)

      Tue  Dec 26  06:35P   HBOF- HBO Family
      Wed  Dec 27  05:35A   HBOF- HBO Family

United Kingdom

The Loser  (Film)
Starting: 04:45 on Saturday 6th January. Duration:
15 minutes
Showing on UK Drama.

Storyteller  (The True Bride)
Starting: 18:00 on Saturday 6th January. Duration:
30 minutes
Showing on Hallmark.

Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction
December 30th - 20.30 pm to 22.40 pm
Channel: Canvas


Airborne - December
Premiere - CineAction
20.12.   21:55
24.12.     8:35
30.12.   22:45

Bravo Two Zero
date: 27.12.2000
time: 01:55
tv station: PRO SIEBEN

(Times are Pacific - check your times locally)

Stormy Monday
Thursday 12/28/00  10:00pm
Friday 12/29/00  3:22am

Patriot Games
Sunday 12/31/00 - 10:00pm
Thursday 1/4/01 - 7:00am
Movie Max

CBUFT (French CBC)
Saturday 1/6/01 - 12:30pm
Black Beauty

Fools Gold
History Television (Canada)
Tuesday, January 09, 2001
1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT