Company of the Ring
January 2, 2001

Tolkien Webmaster Lands Six-Week
Job on LOTR Film Production
Philip Capil

As a lot of my usually visitors know I have been away for six odd weeks working away from home. Now I haven't said what I was doing or who I was working for. This was because I was asked not to, until now that is.

If you've been catching up with some of the recent updates of interesting stuff no one else has got their hand on as yet there isa good reason, that being I have had a good source on the inside, namely me. Yes that's right for six weeks I had the honor and privilege to actually work for Three Foot Six as Set PA on the blue screen unit.

This would have to be any LOTR web-masters dream job. Six weeks of being on set, seeing the actors do their stuff, watching clips on monitors, being involved in a few scenes. Not to mention getting to watch thirty-five minutes of roughly cut together footage that blow my mind. Hey and it was great to meet people from other websites, like Harry over at Ain't It Cool News to name just one.

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