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January 3, 2001

The Party is Coming
Whil Whitfoot

Well folks. We've finally made it to the year CE (Christian era) 2001. If we convert to Middle earth dates that's TA (Third Age) 3001 or SR (Shire Reckoning) 1401. This puts us now early in the very year that Tolkien opens The Lord of the Rings epic! The major events of the year will be The Party on September 22nd, and of course, the release of the film THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING on December 14th.

As to The Party... September 22nd is the autumnal equinox, and will occur this year on a saturday. This is, of course, the joint birthday party of Bilbo and Frodo, the very one at which Bilbo makes his spectacular disappearance.

Will Whitfoot, proprietor of Shire Post, will be assisting the Bagginses with the issuance of the official hand-made invitations to The Party, sent via Shire Post with the appropriate stamps and postmarks. In order to receive one of these invitations, you need to register your Hobbit name and town with Shire Post. (go to for instructions) and send ten dollars ($10) to the addressing coordinator (will increase to $15 after June 1, 2001) at:

Tom Maringer
2692 Powell St.
Springdale,  AR  72764

There will be an actual party at Tom's house in Arkansas, and he will coordinate with others who wish to host satellite parties in other regions so that invitation holders can find The Party closest to them. The party will be as elaborate as we can make it, depending on how many people RSVP that they will be attending. Let's make it BIG! Food, wine, ale, music, dancing, games, bonfire, camping, etc.

The invitations themselves will be handmade, detailed and worth every penny. We hope that in years to come they will become sought after collectibles. There will only be as many produced as are reserved in advance. They will be mailed on Sept 1, 2001 (Winterfilth 2nd, SR 1401). Anybody who fails to register and reserve one of these will miss out. This is a once in a lifetime chance! Please reserve early! Reservation price will rise to $15 after June 1. Reservations will close on August 1. Contact for reservations or more information.

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