Company of the Ring
January 4, 2001

Week 1, Day 1: Beren's Adventures on the LOTR Set

So what did I get up to the first day on the job. Well Monday morning I turned up at Studio V over at Park Rd, and get pointed in the right direction for breakfast, which was over the road. Well they say its the most important meal of the day. Now I've already given you a run down of the kind of food that's served around the production so I don't have to go into that any further.

So while at breakfast I get to meet the people I'll be working under. These were my director Rick Porras, he's a nice guy and good to work with, even if he gets a bit stressed sometimes when we are running behind time, which happened every now and again. Ok more now than again I would have to admit, but hey we were making the largest movie production ever. The other person I met was Richard Barker, this was the person I was directly under, he was the 1st assistant director for the blue screen unit.

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