Company of the Ring
January 4, 2001

Week 1, Days 2 & 3: Beren's Adventures on the LOTR Set

Day two on the job started the same as every other, breakfast. Then over to the studio to do another day of watching, and getting a few people coffee. But it started off well as far as me seeing things. The second day at work and I got to see the One Ring, well one of them anyway.

We did a number of Ring shots while I was there, this one was Frodo opening his hand to reveal the ring. You might see this shot in one of the trailers. A very simple shot really, the Frodo hand double, actually one of the guys from accounts, slowly opens his hand one finger at a time to reveal the ring. That's it, nothing more to it then that, shot about 10-15 takes of this and moved on.

The next scene was another hand double one, this time Faramir with his hand around the throat of one of the other characters. The scene had been shot earlier but they must have wanted a clear close up. Once again a quick shot and on to the last one for the day, this one involved cast members.

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