The NZ Herald
Dave Dobbyn

The New Zealand Herald
January 4, 2001

Dave Dobbyn -- Back With His Kinda People
Russell Baille

Dave Dobbyn, after the folky theatre jaunt last year with Tim Finn and Bic Runga, is back as a rock’n’roll road warrior half way through his My Kinda People tour of drinking establishments.


How was it playing to the Hobbits? [Dobbyn and band played at a wrap party for Lord of the Rings]

That was interesting. They had a huge party. It went all night and we did a really rockin’ set. In the hotel in the morning getting the 7 o’clock cab to the flight and people were coming in from the party beer in hand, big black eyes and grinding teeth and I thought ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’ .

Peter Jackson is a fan, apparently?

We met his 2IC and I’m trying to hit him up for the next series. See if I can do something in the elfin stakes — I do a pretty good impression of a monster with pointy ears. I’ve been a reasonable impression of Yoda for some years now.

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