Dark Horizons
January 8, 2001

Trailer Details
Staff Reporter

New Line recently sent out a note to local exhibitors about the new trailer for Lord of the Rings revealing some details. While I can't share details about delivery times (in case some of you smart alecks out there decide to nick some), I can say it runs at 1 minute 46 seconds long.

There's also very specific instructions about its placing which those keen to see it in the cinemas will find interesting: "The FLAT trailer is to be placed with each print of Thirteen Days. This is the ONLY film we want the Lord of the Rings teaser trailer attached FOR ONE WEEK because it is an ADVERTISED trailer premiere and your customers will be looking for the trailer to be played with Thirteen Days. We will not be sending out copies of the trailer on tape prior to the theatrical premiere".

So in other words don't look for it on ET or AH, the only place to see it is on Thirteen Days on Friday morning or on the Net soon after. For overseas, its confirmed to be attached to Lost Souls in the UK. In Australia the actual film itself it'll be included with remains unsure (most suspect it's What Women Want) but what is confirmed is that it'll hit on the 18th and there'll be ads in the paper announcing which films it's playing with.