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January 9, 2001

Questions for Dominic Monaghan
Staff Reporter

After working for over 18 months on LOTR how do you feel now that filming is coming to an end?

How does it feel to come to the end of such an epic job etc. We went out with all our make up artists the other night and brought along photos etc. It was so amazing to see how far we have all come. How much we have all grown and how much we all care for one another. I know I haven't fully realised how affected I will be when this job finishes and to be fair I am trying very hard to concentrate on the job in hand not how to deal with not seeing so many special people for a while.

Having worked with thespians like Ian McKellen and Ian Holm. What was/is it like working with them and in terms of acting style is there anything that you have learnt from them that you could take on board and emulate (ie strive to equal in quality/actions)?

It has been a very important job in that respect. We have all (been) soooooo long together that we intimately know all our strengths and weaknesses in terms of work. So I will go to certain actors for advice and other actors for different guidance. I try to watch the senior actors as much as possible Ian McKellen, Ian Holm, Sean Bean etc. But to give everyone their credit, there is not a bad actor in the fellowship. Everyone is unfeasibly talented in my opinion.

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