Ain't It Cool News
January 12, 2001

Lord of the Rings Theatrical Teaser Trailer
Harry Knowles

I knew that the trailer was in town. I felt the vibrations of the FED EX trucks carrying it to theaters everywhere... I knew where the trailer was.... There would be two copies of this trailer at an unmarked theater in southern Austin, there was a sneak preview of 13 DAYS there tonight... I went with a mission... See 13 DAYS and be one charming as hell Clark Gable bastage to ensure my eyes seeing this trailer.

I arrive. Quint and the Fair Spanish Maiden are there... They have this look in their eye... this pleading desperate 'Can you do it Harry' look. I looked deep within my layered self... I traveled to Middle-Earth. I stood in Minas Tirith and before the doors of Moria while holding Anduril. (which wasn't there for that scene, but for another) When it comes to LORD OF THE RINGS, if it exists... I will find a way to see it.

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