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January 13, 2001

Miscellaneous Reports from the Preview
Matthew Bass

The following are all comments I received via e-mail regarding the preview.

Brilliant! Galadriel's words to Frodo and the look in his eyes gave me chills.  I also like the way they continued the teaser past the usual beats and gave us a nice long look at the fellowship. Very nice...but like a good dream, the details are slipping from my mind. Someone post this soon! 

Mike Brown
Midland, TX

I just wanted to say that I loved it... as teaser trailers go it was
perfect. I could here people talking about it all around me in the theater.   
The last shot on the mountain as each  member of the fellowship passed by the
screen really took my breath away. Although there are sure to be changes
from the books it seems that the feeling of Tolkien's work has been nailed
just right. I can't wait...


This trailer shows just a glimpse of  what is gonna be a great movie.  The movie has the look of one with a high production quality. 13 days was great also!


About what Taz said re the trailer not showing with Lost Souls.  This isn't completley true.  Some people have seen the trailer attached to Lost Souls in the cinema.  However, those of us who went to a Warner Village cinema did not see the trailer attached to the film.

So so far all I know about this is that Showcase Cinemas and UGC cinemas have shown the trailer with Lost Souls, but si far Warner has not.

very disapointed at having to watch a crap film with
no trailer to sweeten it up

I saw it with Lost Souls at my cinema! It was shown with this film in some places, and i was lucky!

If anyone missed the trailer, i've seen a pirated version at that looks cool!!!

Sauron's Bane

The Showcase Cinema chain in the UK are showing the Lord of the Rings trailer in all their sites on the front of the Lost Souls feature,

The Uk release date of Lost Souls was originally scheduled for the 5th Jan, but was delayed one week just to put the trailer on the front of it. I work for the aforementioned chain and cannot go into detail due to my contract but  I guarantee that Showcase prints of Lost Souls have the trailer....And i get to watch it 6 times a day :)