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January 13, 2001

'Fellowship' Teaser Trailer Review
Jeremiah Lewis

I had the great pleasure of seeing the Lord of the Rings movie trailer before watching another New Line Cinema film, Thirteen Days. I was interested in the content of the trailer (as if everyone wasn’t?), but in relation to the movie it preceded.

This may seem very academic and mindless, but I was surprised to see the trailer before a completely unrelated film. I’m not saying Thirteen Days was bad (personally I thought it was excellent and was quite interesting), but if I may be so bold as to ask, what does the Cuban Missile Crisis have to do with Lord of the Rings? If I sound a bit biased toward Lord of the Rings, I apologize – it is only because Lord of the Rings is the single most anticipated film of 2001, perhaps of the decade. Thirteen Days is hardly epic fare with which to showcase even the least amount of sneak footage from Lord of the Rings.

Understandably, New Line doesn’t have any other movies out at this time, but it can hardly be used as an excuse to bring in money from movie tickets. Thirteen Days had been touted before word of the trailer’s presence was out, and it is expected to receive a good return, regardless of the thousands of fans who may go see the film only because of the trailer.

So why did New Line put this great fantasy epic movie trailer in with a historical and literary drama? The truth may be as simple as good will. Perhaps we fans have been so good and so patient and so understanding that the good folk at New Line decided to surprise us with a gift – a gift that I’m sure most fans, and most people in general, will greatly appreciate.

I, for one, am glad they included the trailer. I wanted to see more; I was engrossed; I was sighing like a baby as the expansive mountaintop was traversed by the weary Fellowship – I even commented to my friend that God probably wouldn’t want me to be in these movies simply because He knows I would go absolutely nuts. This movie promises to be an amazing and timeless classic.

Then again, maybe it’s just me…