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January 17, 2001

Support the Lord of the Rings Films

Fellow Tolkien lovers, we should be darned happy! A lucky generation of fans are we, that we get such treatment. In the 1970s, little cults of giddy college students read a just-published Lord of the Rings trilogy in dusty libraries and under illuminated dorm-sheets. They looked for others to share their experience with (and spent quite an effort doing so). Today it is hip to be square. The "book" has been named the book of the century, and we are being blessed with a three-film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings (

What's more, Silmarillion fans are pleased as punch that a small independent studio in LA is making a Beleriand-inspired film titled, "Ancanar," ( about a young mortal's journey to Gondolin (which I believe is the primary storyline). It doesn't have the budget or publicity that Peter Jackson's films do, and for some that makes it all the more special -- it is being promoted as the first medieval/fantasy character film, which is (arguably) what the Silmarillion is! This could probably not be accomplished with major studio backing, and we'd end up with another D&D.

So we should really thank our lucky stars--- we are the very first generation of Tolkien fans to have such attention put upon us, attention that has been thirty years plus overdue. So please, support these upcoming films, because we're the reason they are being made.