Ain't It Cool News
January 17, 2001

Are You Watching the Superbowl?
Harry Knowles

So you hate Football, Why are you going to be watching the SUPERBOWL this year? I'll tell ya why!

It seems that at various points during the CBS Broadcast and immediately thereafter... we will see some badass trailers for some of the KEY geeky cool films for the rest of the year.

According to USA TODAY, somewhere right around the SUPER BOWL will be a big PEARL HARBOR trailer... which won't be playing during the game perse... but either during Half Time or in the Post-Game section!

Sony is going to be using the Super Bowl to give folks the introduction to A KNIGHT'S TALE. Anticipate an ad that uses the 'We Will Rock You' section that opens the movie and highlights the use of 'stadium music' as a parallel to the Jousting events of long ago.... Much like the GLADIATOR trailer did at last year's Super Bowl. Sony better pray their spot is BEFORE the Lord of the Rings spot that NEW LINE is buying. Also... on that A KNIGHT'S TALE trailer expect a spectacular splintering of a lance in an almost Peckinpahian or Wooian way.

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