The Dominion
January 21, 2001

Lord of the Rings Trailer Tantalizes
Alan Samson

Peter Jackson was not there. Nor was Cate Blanchett, nor any of the others in the star-studded cast.

But Fleur and Felicity Hamill were among a straggle of Wellington movie-goers yesterday who can now proudly say they were among the first to see the much-vaunted trailer of Lord of the Rings.

The one-minute 40-second trailer premiered at Hoyts Mid City morning showings of What Women Want and The Cell, both with tiny audiences. But those that did make the effort to dodge work or pad out their holidays – a diverse mixture of young and old – were thrilled with the result.

Two young – male – teenagers at What Women Want swore they were there for the movie, but for others there could be no ambiguity.

"I came for the trailer," Epe Paese said forcefully. "I've never read the books, but this looks really good."

Even more enthusiastic were several people who admitted to being film extras.

Warrior-among-the hordes Darcy O'Brien said the tale was one of his favourite books as a child and his experiences on set had convinced him there would be "incredible" footage.

"It won't be a flop. Just the detail they've put into it . . . Peter Jackson has such a vivid imagination."

The Hamill sisters, declining to name their parts, said they were interested to see how the trailer compared with the earlier Internet "teaser".

"There's been a lot of hype," Fleur said.

Suddenly the lights dimmed, the screen filled with what appeared to be a million orcs charging at the audience from across the horizon, and a stentorian voice began: "One ring to rule them all . . ."

How did it rate? "It was good, but I wanted to see more," Felicity said cautiously.

Epe Paese, however, had no reservations.

"How was it? It's awe

some! It's great! I can't