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January 28, 2001

The Great Tolkien Convention -- The Ultimate Experience

Well, hello everybody, it's me again. Elanor, with an exclusive report of the event that took place from January 12th until January 14th at Castle Hohensolms in Gießen. The Great Tolkien Convention..

Because of the very positive feedback to our last meeting in September and the increasing demand for another gathering of Tolkien-Fans, Cirdan and his staff decided on giving it a second try. And, of course, they planned the whole thing to become even better than the first.

And I can tell you that this was a real adventure, which already began in the car on our way to the castle. It had been snowing before and the temperature outside was icy so that the road was not only dark and winding, but also quite slippery. Some of the girls in the car kept screaming some part of the way, going: "Oh my God! Watch out! I don't wanna die!" We did have some fun!

And we actually made it and arrived at the Castle in one piece. We had already seen the Castle from the road below, illuminated by floodlights, which was a quite impressing view.

After having left the car and having exchanged the first greetings with some of the others we already knew from the meeting in September, we went inside the castle, where Eowyn was waiting to tell the guests which rooms they were supposed to stay in.

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