February 2, 2001

Announcing the Mithril Gathering III
Adam Dawson

To be held at the Lancaster Host Hotel. Lancaster PA. USA March 9-11 in the Game Rooms of the Host; Times of the Gaming Events and other planned events to be announced shortly.

Events scheduled for the Gathering:

A Mithril Museum - a complete collection of all Mithril figures ever produced will be on display for everyone to view. Yes even an M16 Female Ranger.

Gaming Events on both Friday and Friday Evening , Saturday and Saturday Evening using Mithril figures and hosted by several Mithril Gamers -Tom Hiller as Game Master. And featuring hundreds of painted Mithril figures.

Static display of painted Mithril pieces featuring the work of several artists, including painted vignettes, original dioramas and masterful conversions.

Several Seminars on converting Mithril figures featuring Guest Speaker and master converter Bill Harvey who expects to bring his wonderful pieces including Oilphants and Grond!!! Guest Speaker on the collectability and availability of Mithril figures and a look into the future of the Mithril Line and a glimpse into the Genesis of the figures.

The Beautiful Work of Peder Hammarskiold-a display of original and commercially available figures and dioramas exquistily painted and constructed by this Swedish artist.

Rare figure Raffle- all are welcome to participate in a raffle for an extremely rare Mithril figure. Details to follow. For information regarding hotel reservations and Gathering III information please contact Jim Corless at the address below.

Jim Corless /Time Machine Miniatures
52 Larch Avenue
Dumont, NJ 07628 USA
phone: US code 201-387-7889

Also ...........

At Prince August we have not been idle! we have produced a new Napolionic figures do have a look at

... also we have put up photographs of our new chess set "Robin Hood" The two sides are "Robin of Sherwood" and "The Sheriff of Nottingham". Check out this chess set on and