The Evening Post
Edoras (Mt. Potts)

Company of the Ring
February 10, 2001

How Mt. Potts Became the Edoras Set
Staff Reporter

It was May 1857 when Thomas Potts registered runs No 181 and 189 totalling 10,920ha.

Shortly after he took up another 2000ha where the homestead now sits.

He entwined his history into the heart of the land.

It seems fitting then, that the scenery and potential he discovered is the stuff of fiction movies.

Hobbits, Middle Earth, wars, towers and huge coffers of money to prop it up.

It all stood as though put there centuries ago on Mt Sunday — now Mt Potts' most famous landmark.

People around the world have eagerly awaited the filming and now the screening of Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings.

As expected, Jackson chose his home country of New Zealand to film the trilogy.

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