February 17, 2001

'Black Hawk' Gets New Recruits
Staff Reporter

Director Ridley Scott has rounded out the cast for his fact-based war thriller 'Black Hawk Down'.

Three 'You know the face...' American actors have signed to play key roles, while unknown British thesp Orlando Bloom has nabbed a part on the back of his casting in Peter Jackson's 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy.

Scott's film is based on Mark Bowden's non-fiction book about a real life mission by US soldiers to capture rebel leaders in Somalia - the operation went hideously wrong and 18 Americans were killed.

'Sleepers' star Ron Eldard (pictured) will play Mike Durant, the pilot of the eponymous Black Hawk helicopter, who is captured by the mean ol' rebels when he crashes. Jeremy Piven - most recently seen as Nic Cage's best mate in 'The Family Man' - is another pilot, Elvis Wolcott; while William Fichtner - he of 'Go' and 'The Perfect Storm', ahem, fame - gets to look gruff as Sergeant Howe, an elite special forces Delta Force soldier.

Bloom will play Private Blackburn, an army ranger who completes amazing feats of derring-do, even after taking a nosedive from the chopper.

The new cast members will join the likes of leads Tom Sizemore, Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor when Jerry Bruckheimer's production starts 'shooting' - ho, ho - on February 23.