Tolkien Online
February 23, 2001

Peter Mentions Post-Production
Staff Reporter

Michael S. shot over a brief email to me about Peter Jackson appearing on 1ZB yesterday. Here's a recap:

Just thought I'd drop you a note, Peter [Jackson] talked to Paul [Holmes] this morning at 7:50am on 1ZB [Newstalk ZB]. Most of the talk was re Peter's interest in WW1 planes but at the start of the interview Peter mentioned he was in Post production - he was making noises for all the new creatures in the film, apparently one of the sounds he was considering (and liked) was the sound of an orc - can you believe it, using a McDonalds coke cup & scraping it accross concrete.

Hmm... now, would that be a filled cup, or an empty cup? :-)

Thanks for the info Michael!